Types of 澳门十大正规网赌网址 Memberships

澳门十大正规网赌网址 offers three types of membership: Floral, Ag-Buddy, and Associate (Associate-Floral, Associate-Service and Associate-Grower). Each membership type addresses the needs of a different segment of the floral industry. Together the membership types create a mutually supportive business environment in which members can exchange products and services. The benefits and services provided by each type of membership are described in detail on the Membership Benefits page. Each submitted application requires a signed statement pledging to comply with the organization's Bylaws.

To view a list of the 澳门十大正规网赌网址 Floral members for referral purposes, click here. To search our membership for a specific company, click here.

Floral Member

Floral Members are companies that grow and/or ship ornamental floral products. These companies must maintain a principal place of business within the state of California. However, there are no restrictions regarding size or volume of their production or sales. Half-acre family growers and multi-national packagers enjoy equal benefits and standing in 澳门十大正规网赌网址Apply to become a Floral Member

Ag Buddy Member

Ag Buddy Members are California-based companies that produce agricultural products other than ornamental cut flowers, such as fresh herbs and specialty produce. These specialty produce growers face many of the same horticultural, shipping, and marketing challenges as 澳门十大正规网赌网址' Floral Members. Apply to become an Ag Buddy Member

Associate Member

Associate Members include a diverse range of companies and organizations that provide services to the floral industry. In order to map out the many services offered by our Associate members, 澳门十大正规网赌网址 distinguishes between the following Associate Member groups: 

  • Services/TransportationTransportation companies basically move products from point 'A' to point 'B,' and include major airline carriers, door-to-door delivery services, refrigerated transport, and trucking companies. 澳门十大正规网赌网址 works with our Transportation Associates to deliver significant discounts to members. For more information, please visit the Transportation page.
  • Business ServicesBusiness services companies provide essential operational support to floral industry companies, including banking, credit management, insurance, and payroll services. However, other companies offer more specialized services targeted to the floral industry, such as logistics planning and energy conservation.
  • Services to the Floral TradeTypically labeled "To the Trade Only," hard-goods manufacturers produce the floral supplies that growers and shippers need. These products include basics, like boxes and vases. But they also include vertical market items like sleeves and clamshells, and even extend to finishing touches such as ribbons and floral food packets. On the services side of the equation, floral designers and floral events planners drive the trends that drive the cut flower market.
  • Floral Retailers and Wholesalers澳门十大正规网赌网址 facilitates the sale of California-grown flowers by supporting a nationwide network of retail florist shops and wholesale flower outlets. Sales channel diversity is represented by a membership that includes Mom-and-Pop storefronts, nationally-branded florist chains, supermarket floral programs, and out-of-state (not located in California) wholesalers, packagers, and distributors.
  • Associate GrowersCompanies that are growers outside of the state of California. Associate Members (Growers) receive exclusive transportation rates, all written communications, and have access to the Convention/Trade show as attendees.
  • Professional Associations/Government ResourcesFloral Trade Associations, agricultural advisors, and horticultural research centers provide invaluable plant and market information to 澳门十大正规网赌网址' membership.

Apply to become an Associate Member.

How to Join 澳门十大正规网赌网址

If you are interested in joining 澳门十大正规网赌网址, visit the Member Benefits webpage and download and complete the appropriate application for the type of membership you're seeking. All applications will be reviewed by the 澳门十大正规网赌网址 Membership Administrator. Once approved, you will be contacted about membership fees and benefits. If you have questions, or would like more information, please contact us by email or phone at (831) 479-4912 ext 2.